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Office Cleaning New Jersey

Office & Commercial Cleaning

We can accommodate all your business cleaning needs by providing excellent service while maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your employees and clients.

Post Construction Clean up

Let us help you finish the job. We cater to renovation, remodeling and small construction clean ups. We want to help your new addition shine.

Real estate Cleaning

We do property clean ups such as foreclosures, in/out cleanings, vacation rentals, show-home cleanings and more! 

Office & Commercial Cleaning

General Cleanings

  • Vacuum, sweep and mop all floor surfaces and common areas

  • Stair cases

  • Clean all office spaces

  • Dust and clean all surfaces

  • Clean all interior windows

  • Empty and replenish all receptacles

  • Clean all break rooms and kitchen space

  • Clean and sanitize all restrooms

  • Dust and clean all appliances

  • Accommodate all specific cleanings requests

Post Construction Clean up


  • Left over construction materials removed

  • Deep clean of new construction to remove dust and debris

  • Floor polishing

  • Surface cleaning

  • Window cleaning

  • Remove all constructions stains on surfaces

Real estate Cleaning


  • Foreclosure clean outs

  • Vacation home deep cleanings

  • Residential scheduled cleanings

  • Show house cleanings

  • In & Out cleanings

Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning New Jersey
Commercial Cleaning New Jersey
Commercial Cleaning New Jersey

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